rePasta \re-paste-all\, verb;

Is a clipboard helper and copy history viewer for OSX. Keep track everything that one has copied and pasted.

Easy hotkeys and a clipboard history allows you to repaste previously copied items and browse the history of copied items.

Keep track of useful commands and code pieces as a developer or IT admin.

Copy and paste repetitive email templates for typists and support staff.


Show rePasta Window

To show the rePasta window, one can type in the global hotkey Command-Shift-V.

Or one can click on the yellow rePasta icon on the menubar.

rePasta Window

rePasta window is broken into the following sections:

  1. Toolbar
  2. Summary
  3. Content


Paste Into

Will paste the currently selected text into the next application's window. For example, if editing a file in the TextEdit application, one can bring up rePasta and select a row in the summary section, and then click "Paste Into" and rePasta will paste the currently selected text into TextEdit.

Clear History

Clears the rePasta history. For clearing sensitive information like credit cards or phone numbers and one wants to clear the history.


Shows the first several lines of each item in the clipboard history. The current history limit is set to 100 items.


Shows the full text of each item in the clipboard history.


To copy contents into rePasta, just use Command-C as one normally does to copy to the clipboard. rePasta will look at the Mac clipboard for new updates and will add it to the rePasta clipboard history.


There two ways to paste:

  1. Copy text to clipboard
  2. Paste text directly into following application

If one selects a row on a table, that text is automatically copied to the Mac clipboard. One can then go to the application and use paste using standard Mac paste from clipboard.

A shortcut is also provided. If one types in Command-Enter while in rePasta. It will hide rePasta and paste the currently selected text into the next open application.